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How to Stay Healthy – throughout your life!


Tips and step by step details to keep you in good shape and have a good health!


Get a Balanced diet

Why All studies confirm a varied and balanced diet is a factor in prevention against cancer, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, obesity and high cholesterol.

– increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables to achieve a quota of at least 5 per day
– consume food sources of calcium (mainly dairy products , and in addition , vegetables, or mineral waters are rich) to reach the recommended dietary dairy or 3 per day, limit the intake of fats , especially saturated fats ( meat , meats, cheeses , pastries)
– increase the consumption of starchy starch sources, including whole grain foods
– limit consumption of sugar and foods high in sugar (sodas, candy, jam, chocolate)


Stay active and Stay cool or relaxed

– Have good sleep at night, have a small nap for 20 mins in day time
– Never react to things that increases stress and stay away from stress causing people
– stay alone doing nothing at least 20 mins in a day, and relax yourself


Try to Avoid Alcohols

With a Hyper calorie (kcal 1 g = 7), the alcohol is distributed widely in the body before being degraded by the liver into a toxic molecule. Thus, a high consumption is the cause of cancers (mouth, pharynx, esophagus, colon, rectum, breast), and increase the risk of overall mortality, including stroke.

Keep your drinking sensation under control

Moderation! Opt for low-alcohol drinks at the expense of dry or hard liquor mixed with soda; drink slowly and put your glass between sips; have a drink (alcohol) for fun, and a glass (of water) to thirst; do not exceed the equivalent of 2 glasses of wine 10 cl or 25 cl 2 beers or 6 cl of strong alcohol per day.


Avoid too much of exposure to Sun

Prolonged exposures begin the sunshine capital. Skin aging is accelerated, the increased risk of cataracts.
UVA and UVB is carcinogenic.

Moderation – Avoid exposing yourself to the summer. Never stand in the sun without a cream layer high-index and regularly renew the application. Wear protective sunglasses, especially on snow or the sea, where the reverberation is important.


Give up smoking

It leads to cardiovascular diseases and cancer, tobacco is run many risks women: associated with the pill, it promotes the formation of clots, damage the vessel wall and shrinks, increasing the risk of phlebitis and thrombosis; precipitates decalcification; it increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, premature delivery, caesarean section and fatal growth retardation.

Moderation Tip – Try eCigarettes


Exercise regularly

It is recognized that the increase in energy expenditure through exercise reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, obesity, cancer and osteoporosis. Regular exercise also improves the silhouette, well-being and self-esteem.

People can be active without being athletic, and move without changing their lifestyle. Practice at least half an hour of brisk walking per day or the equivalent is enough. So do not hesitate to walk briskly on short trips off the bus or a subway station before, do your errands on foot rather than by car, banish escalators and elevators.


Here is how to get yourself motivated easily using a clinical approach


Throughout our course of life, we will have to keep running for our needs and desires and we may not be happy as long as we attain them, however we can achieve some peace of mind and satisfaction when we have put some genuine efforts and hard work in our pursuit to attain them. In our course of pursuit we will definitely face challenges and based on the heights of targets, the challenges will be more. As not everyone of us is blessed or born with a supreme will power, we all would definitely become demotivated and exhausted as the challenges keep increasing and the situation becomes tougher and above when the time is short and no progress have been made.

In such situations, it would definitely require an external hand to pat on the shoulder, to guide and motivate to proceed further, this could a friend, a family member or spouse or anyone. However, people need not wait for that long as there is a proven and successful clinical approach termed as motivational interviewing is available to get motivated and have the change they need. In this clinical approach, a person is motivated through an interviewing process and this is not just for patients who need an improvement in terms of mental health, physical health and spiritual health but also for any individual who needs a holistic improvement in all the aforesaid areas which influences the quality of life they lead.

In this motivational technique, the patients needs, perceptions are identified through conversations and the suitable means to improve their state of mind, health of their body and spirit is decided and the change they need is driven through them and thus making it happen for them. Unlike before, now the goals of individuals are to strike a balance across all walks of their life, such a holistic approach to attain all of these goals are required.


Intake more Protein Foods to Stay Healthier


In general most of the people think the main reason behind not having a proper or unhealthy mind is an inborn mental disorder or weakness or even poor mental ability, but in actual scenario it is not so and even psychologists do not accept this. the real reason behind poor performance is a poor health which could be the result of any or all of these such as unbalanced diet, lack of physical exercise, improper sleep, malnutrition and so on and it all centers around one big precious thing known as ‘the need to have a sound health’.

There are few food products which when eaten regularly can keep us stay fit and energetic throughout the day and protein soups are one amongst them and when taken regularly can really add so much immunity adding nutrients in our blood supply to brain and can help us stay more healthier.


Advantages of good mental health and Tips to get good mental health


Mental fitness helps us to achieve and maintain good mental health, like physical fitness helps us to have a healthy body. Having good mental health enables us to enjoy the pleasures that bring us our lives, our environment and the people around us. We can be creative, learn, try new things and take risks. We are better prepared through difficult times in our personal or professional life. Although we feel the sadness and anger that may accompany the death of a loved one, loss of a job, interpersonal problems or other difficult events, we can get over with and enjoy our life with time.


Here are some tips to increase your relaxation and get a good mental health:


Try relaxation techniques –

Practice meditation or doing breathing exercises every day can counter chronic stress and give you a more positive outlook. Good breathing techniques alone can improve your mental and physical well-being.


Have Achievable Goals that are within your limits and capabilities –

Learning to say no is essential for some people. Evaluate your schedule and identify among your tasks or activities that you can do those and the ones you should give up. Do you wear not automatically volunteer to do something before assessing whether it is possible and healthy for you to do.


Exercise Exercise Exercise – What else!

You do not have to train for a marathon but do moderate exercise on a regular basis can help reduce stress and improve sleep and self-esteem. The habit of exercise is essential.


Actively participate in social activities and events –

Take the time to practice a favorite hobby is a great way to find the creative side and stimulate. Alos, being active in social service activities increases your people skills.


Positive Thoughts and Imagination¬†–

The athletes reach their goals by imagining the finish line first. Use this same technique and practice you to “see” succeed in every situation.


Practice a healthy lifestyle –

Having a good diet is often the first thing to do when you feel stressed. Prepare a meal instead of buying ready may seem difficult but it probably cost less and is better for you. Moreover, the mere fact of doing something good for yourself can ease the feeling of stress.


Express yourself instantly and freely –

Sharing your worries with a friend can help you put things in perspective and not feel alone. You can also learn new ways to manage stress effectively.